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Truly a Boston Song June 6, 2008

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“It’s been such a long time” since I made a post. Sorry folks – if you know me at all, then you know I’ve been baking- just not posting. And besides a few recipes here and there, I’ve not been too creative. I’ve cranked out biscuits, chocolate chip cookies and some cupcakes, but nothing earth shattering.

One set of cupcakes recently turned my frown upside down, but not sure my co-workers were so impressed. Who cares! I thought they were tasty. I found some cherry icing at the store and used regular yellow cake batter. I decorated 1/2 the cakes with Twizzler bites and the others with slivered almonds. It was a striking presentation. Unfortunately I took the remainders to class and left them in the trunk – in GA – in an unusually warm Spring. So, it was a cherry pool with some cake mixed in.

BUT – I treated myself and bought a book shaped like and dedicated to fancy cupcakes. That night, D bought me the Cookie Bible! Me-Oh-My there will be a creativity revival – hallelujah!!!

Last night I made classic peanut butter cookies for D, but for a twist, I added mini bitter-sweet chocolate chips. Just the right combination, just the right size and taken from the oven a minute early to keep them moist. The co-workers dug these much more than the cupcakes!