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Happy Birthday Korra! March 30, 2008

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My niece turned 12 (yep, counting the seconds until teenagerhood) on March 21. We had a brunchfest for her celebration this morning, which was spontaneous…but it turned out super yummy!

The Ultimate Chef (my bro) made a carnivore’s feast – bacon AND sausage, with crazy-good eggs and the best coffee known to man (D&D, none other). Mom brought hashbrown casserole which had sour cream I believe…it too was marvelous. I think my dad actually had to help because as it turns out, my mom may have broken her arm – again. What did I make? Well, biscuits of course! With Jelly, Jam and BUTTER!

I got to meat (I mean meet) some of my peachy sister-in-law’s family whom I’d never seen. Nice, energetic brothers who were taking my brother for golf (yawn).

All in all, GREAT party. Thanks for having a birthday, Korra!!! Love you!


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