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Zucca’s January 28, 2008

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My honey and I were invited to Jessy’s house for comé and conversation yesterday. We had a great time which was only accented by the awesome pizza they brought in for us to try. It was from a restaurant called Zucca’s, which we’d never heard of…but is now on my top 5. We had a 1/2 mushroom, 1/2 pineapple (my fav). The hue was golden over the entire pie, lending to the notion that the cheese was cheddar. Interestingly tangy and sweet on my half, fully satifying on the whole.

PS: the companionship was better than the pie – and I loved the pie.

Thanks guys!


One Response to “Zucca’s”

  1. Jessy and Thiago Says:

    Hey Kristin,

    We loved having you guys over. We had lots of fun!! We are going to do this more often and try different foods from different parts of the world; Brazil, Mexico. Do not worry, I will not be the one baking, I promise. Thanks again for all the goodies that you make!!


    Your top 10 fans!!!!!

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