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Thank you January 23, 2008

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spoon.jpgBefore I go any further, I want to thank my mother for the love of cooking, and for my brother who also shares my intimacy with food.  Thank you, also, to all those whose recipes I’ve begged, borrowed, stolen or downright slaughtered.  I am happy, and sorry!

 Lastly, thank you to the few of us who still think working with an old hand mixer, a wooden spoon, and good-old fingers is just fine.  Whew, what a relief!


3 Responses to “Thank you”

  1. Ethel Says:

    This web blog looks awesome. It makes me happy to see someone who is so passionate about baking and doing something that they truly love. I wish you the best of luck.

  2. TJ (Your Bro) Says:

    Awesome! I am mentioned in a Blog. I have finally “made it”!

    Seriously… This is cool. I will read it everyday. You better Blog everyday.

  3. mominy Says:

    we totally support you & your awesome cooking!

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